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If you have the relevant certificate, resume, can be sent to the mailbox. Document naming format: Name + post.

Fill in your resume on-line
Remark: all contents are required to filled in
apply for position expected salary Highest educational attainment Arriveddate
Name Gender Birthdate Nationality
Current location address Marital status Politics status
Mobile telephone fixed-line telephone Height cm Weight kg
EMALI Id number Graduation date    
Edification / training experience (enrollment date - graduation date,full name of school  ,major ,education background)
Work experience (Hiredate-Termination date,company name,Department, station, work performance, monthly pay, certifier and contact way)
★Whether there is a record of being fired? reason:
★Whether there are relatives and friends works in our company? Name position
★Whether there have overseas study experience?
Detailed description
★Have any family member settled overseas or have green card?
Member of family (name, relationship, company, position, telephone)
Self-evaluation (character and hobby,technical ability, technological tool, certification etc)
Declaration : submit your resume that are promise the contents your filled in are true and effective .

Online testing
Note: Each question can only choose one answer, should be your first impression of the answer, the corresponding answer scores together for your score.
1、You prefer to eat that fruit?
2、You usually leisurely place to go?
3、What do you think attracts you?
4、If you can become an animal, you want to be yourself?
5、The weather is very hot, you prefer to choose what way Jieshu?
6、If you have to live with an animal or insect you hate, which one can you tolerate?
7、You like what kind of movies, TV shows?
Natural Science
8、Which of the following is your side will bring the items?
9、What kind of transportation do you like to travel?
10、Which of the following colors do you prefer?
11、Pick one of your favorite sports (not necessarily good at)?
12、If you own a villa, where do you think it should be built?
13、Which of the following weather phenomena do you prefer?
14、Do you want your windows to be on the first floor of a 30-story building?
15、Do you think you prefer to live in one of the following cities?
Disclaimer: submit your resume is committed to fill out the content real and effective