About Us

公司介绍1.pngAVIC Changhe Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of AVIC, which is founded in 1969, is the Research & Development and production base and the key national manufacturers in aviation industry. Changhe Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. is capable of developing and mass manufacturing of multi-model helicopters, various types and families of helicopters as well as subcontract production of helicopter and aircraft parts and assemblies. The company commits to “contribute to the nation with aviation industry, strengthen the military forces and enrich the people” and carries out the philosophy of “commitment and integrity, innovative and preeminent”, goes deep into staff standard of behavior “Execution first , work with forms, ;problem transparent ,clear and finish daily; data speak ,improve continuously" , Push  EVA, AOS and other modern management way in full power , develops independently Changfei. CPS , forces the transformation and promotes and exerts itself to become the first-class aviation industry of advanced technology, superior efficiency ,continuous development,  Customer  satisfactory , staff happy  ” ,forges ahead to enterprise vision“ keep improving ,innovative Changfei,harmony Changfei ,  happy Changfei” . 


 公司介绍3.pngNow the company has the total assets of 19.8 billion RMB and covers an area of 3.5 million square meters. It has more than 6000 employees, among which there are more than 1800 engineers, more than 900 are those with intermediate & advanced technical titles.The company has solid technical capabilities for research, development& production with more than 4200 sets of various manufacturing equipment, which is the nationally-accredited enterprise technical center and has post-doctoral  scientific research station, it is the first batch of demonstrate entity for “ Made in China 2025 ” ,and it is high efficiency NC machining center for national defense science and technology .

A new product structure of military aircraft, civil aircraft and international cooperation developed harmoniously has come into being in AVIC CHANGHE, which ranges from 1-ton to 13-ton helicopter with major products such as Z8, Z10, Z11, AC311, AC313 family , etc. AVIC CHANGHE has carried out the deep-level sub-contracting cooperativeproduction with the world-famous aviation companies such as Sikorsky, Boeing, Italy Leonardo and COMAC etc.


AVIC CHANGHE has been awarded honorable titles such as “National Exemplary Grass-root Party Organization”, “National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee ”, “Quality Benchmarking for National Industrial Enterprise  ”, “National Advanced  Enterprise for Executing Excellent Performance Pattern ”  “National Excellent Enterprise for Quality Control Team Activity  ”,“ National Excellent Enterprise for  Equipment Management” ,“ China Demonstration Entity for Military Industry Culture” ,“ AVIC Demonstration Entity for Group Culture Establish” , etc.