General-aviation Company

AVIC CHANGHE has formed whole industrial chain ranging from the production, sales, training, operation and repair of general-aviation aircraft.Operation service is executed through 2 general-aviation companies and 1 affiliate company that CHANGHE holds controlling interest or has shares.


Shanghai Heli General Aviation Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Heli General Aviation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Heli General Aviation) was founded at the end of 2006, and was certified to CCAR-91 of CAAC in Apr. 2007.

It is the first general aviation company in Shanghai region that has Cat. A operation qualification, and it is also the sole professional training organization with the qualification of  private, commercial pilot training.

AVIC CHANGHE completed the acquisition and restructuring for Shanghai Heli General Aviation in 2013.

AVIC CHANGHE holds the share of 67 % (absolute controlling), and Zhejiang Tuncang Investment Company holds the share of 33 %.  

The main airport of Shanghai Heli General Aviation is Shanghai Gaodong Airport; auxiliary airports are Xingdong Airport of Nantong, Huaxi General-aviation Airport of Jiangying, Lvmeng Airport as well as LuojiaCivl Airport of Jingdezhen. 

The company currently has various professional personnel of total 30 persons and 5 aircraft.

It mainly carries out aerial advertisement, aerial patrol, aerial forest protection, aerial photograph, aerial sight-seeing, private & commercial pilot-license training, and rated training of helicopter baseline instructors.


Jingdezhen Branch Company, Shanghai Heli General Aviation Co., Ltd.


Jingdezhen Branch Company of Shanghai Heli General Aviation Co., Ltd. was founded in Apr. 2014. Branch company is operated as Jingdezhen base of Shanghai Heli General Aviation.Branch company is operated based on the operation airports of Lvmeng Airport and Luojia Airport of Jingdezhen, and undertakes the related businesses in Jiangxi and adjacent area under the scope of business of Shanghai Heli General Aviation. Branch company has 3 aircraft (all are indigenous AC311 helicopter). Primary carry out aerial sight-seeing of the helicopter, private pilot-license training of the helicopter, aerial advertisement, aerial patrol, type-conversion training of AC311 and helicopter leasing.The emphasis is to promote and demonstrate homemade civil helicopter AC311. 


HuaxiaJiuzhou General Aviation Co., Ltd.


HuaxiaJiuzhou General Aviation Co., Ltd. was founded in August of 2016. 

It is established jointly between AVIC CHANGHE (shareholding 35 %), Jiangxi Kaiweng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (shareholding 36 %) and Jiangxi JungongSibo General-aviation Service Co., Ltd. (shareholding 29 %).

Place of incorporation of the company is Hi-tech Area of Nanchang City.

The company is mixure ownership and registered capital is four hundred million RMB.

Scope of business will include general-aviation businesses such as helicopter sales and aircraft maintenance, and aerial sight-seeing, executive flight, aviation mineral exploration, marine monitoring, onshore oil service, offshore oil service, fishery flight, artificial precipitation, EMS, urban aerial patrol, aerophotography, aerial photograph, aerial advertisement, meteorological sounding, scientific experiment, urban fire fighting, power line inspection, aerial forest protection, aerial overspraying for agriculture and forestry, forest fire prevention, salvage and disaster relief, helicopter outboard load flight, helicopter piloting activity, charter flight of general aviation,  private & commercial pilot-license training, aircraft bailment service, aircraft leasing and  renting flight.

In the meantime, carry out comprehensive services such as aeronautic creative industry of theme culture, general-aviation airport planning and construction as well as operation, development and construction of general-aviation township combined with aviation science popularization education, airsport& entertainment, general-aviation manpower training.