C919 Program 

    C919 airliner is a new model 190 seat level single channel narrowbodytrunkliner which is being independently developed by china. The program is designed by using advanced technology and standard, and applies the power plant, avionic, flight control system supplied by world advanced supplier; designed and produced by exactly following the airworthiness standard, C919 is quitereliable; The cruising fuel consumption rate is greatly reduced by using lighting, anti-drag designand new generation engine, and the direct service cost is 10 % lower than that of the equivalent in-service airliner.

    AVIC CHANGHE undertake the development of leading edge slat and trailing edge flap  for C919 airliner,which is one of the most difficult programs to process and assemble for C919.  ThisProgram is jointly designed and manufactured by multiple factories and institutes by introducing a prime manufacturer - supplier management model

    AVIC CHANGHE made breakthrough in part of importance and key technology by development of C919 airliner Program, tackled key problems in technologies such as manufacturing technology forlarge-sized complicated titanium alloy partprecise installation technology for large-size componentsmanufacture and inspection technology  for large-size complicated composite structure part ,etc.


    Boeing Cooperative Program

    Boeing 767-300BCF Program is the first fixed-wing program AVIC CHANGHE have ever been involved and it is also the first program cooperated with Boeing Company of USA. The management level and manufacture techniques have been further improved through the cooperation with Boeing.

    Quality management system of AVIC CHANGHE is officially approved by Boeing company in Mar.19, 2008.On Apr. 10, AVIC CHANGHE gained BQMS certificate of approval, which marks the company meet requirement of BQMS, and emblemizes the company's qualification for becoming Boeing company's formal supplier .

    On Jun.27,Boeing company awarded AVIC CHANGHE subcontract letter,which official confirmed AVIC CHANGHEto take part in production of Boeing 767-300 BCF Program in long term.  

    Subsequently ,AVIC CHANGHE gained 737 order from Boeing company 。

    In 2015, AVIC CHANGHE gained intention order for Boeing 787 rudder, equipment and process certification is started and is being pressed forward at present. 


    A109 Program

    A109 Program is a  3 -ton  helicopter program  cooperated between  AVIC CHANGHE and Agusta, Spa of Italy, the cooperative model is the state of art  A109E helicopter,A109E helicopter is of  classical single rotor with tail rotor  configuration and is one of the world leading-edge, well-selling light-weight twin engine helicopter  at the time , and  accessed to market in after airworthiness certification .Two engines are installed side by side by side on engine deck at upper fuselage, metallic semi-monocoque fuselage and tail boom, nose wheel retractable wheel landing gear.  Compared with other light-weight twin engine helicopter, A109E is the light-weight twin engine helicopter with fast flight speed and best wind resistance ability, thus it became the most advanced and best-selling light-weight twin engine helicopter at the time. 

    A109 Program includes subcontract and establish joint venture , and executes in 4 stagesAt 1st stage, transfer production to CHANGHE for fuselage structure part by b sub-contracting way ,the sub contract has been started in advance ; At 2nd stage, establish a joint venture at CHANGHE location, the scope of business includes market development ,sales, final assembly ,flight test and product support of A109E helicopterAt 3rd stage,  transfer production to CHANGHE for dynamic parts such as helicopter rotor At 4th stage,  transfer production to CHANGHE for transmission system . The Subcontract products are supplied to both joint venture and Agusta Westland.

    On Nov. 6, 2002, AVIC CHANGHE signed agreement on cooperative production of A109E light-weight twin engine helicopter with Agusta, Spa of Italy on the 4th Zhuhai airshow.

    In July 2004, CHANGHE signed a subcontract agreement with AGUSTA in Beijing to produce A109E fuselage and tail boom in China Up to now, 7 fuselages and 78 tail booms has been delivered

    In Nov.2, 2004 on the 5th Zhuhai airshow, cooperation agreement for A109E twin engine helicopter program and contract for establishing Joint-venture were signed.The business scope of Joint venture is final assembly,paint,flight test,delivery,sales, after-sale service, sales of maintenance spear parts of helicopter. 


    S-300C/S-300CBi Cooperative Program

    S-300C/S-300CBi is single rotor with tail blade,piston engine ,1 ton class, multipurpose light helicopter family, it can be used for pilot training ,police, Executive transport, agriculture and forestry ,power line patrol, news reportage,aerial photography,traffic control,etc.

    S-300C/S-300CBi is single rotor with tail blade,piston engine ,1 ton class, multipurpose light helicopter family, it can be used for pilot training ,police, Executive transport, agriculture and forestry ,power line patrol, news reportage,aerial photography,traffic control,etc.

    The cooperative Program between Company CHANGHE and SCHWEIZER is carried out in 4 stages, namely start from the subcontract of parts and components, and carry out the final assembly of fuselage at the last stage.

    In early 2007, Program entered into substantial implementation stage, 96 shipset components were delivered up to 2011. 


    S-76 Program

    S-76 is a medium-size multipurpose civil rotorcraft, it is the advanced product of leading security,reliability, low service cost and high market share among the same tonnage.

    On Jun.1,2006,AVIC II signed collaboration memorandum of understanding with Sikorsky in Beijing, both parties expressed good wish for industrial cooperation in development and production of civil helicopter.  AVIC CHANGHE and Sikorsky enter into substantial talk on the collaboration in light helicopter and S-76 helicopter Program subsequently.

    On July12,2007, AVIC CHANGHE and Sikorsky held signing ceremony for S-76C + + collaboration in Beijing. 

    S-76C + collaboration Program covers manufacture, assembly and part of  final assembly  of fuselage assembly and component, AVIC CHANGHE undertakes sub-assembly of the complete aircraft and final assembly except lifting system and engine, and the follow-up modification was also covered in this agreement.Work share and technology level is the highest among the domestic subcontract Program at the time.

    The Program is carried out in two stages: 1st stage is the transitional stage ,AVIC CHANGHE finishes major assembly, fuselage assembly and part of final assembly work for 10 shipsets using purchased kits;Based on the first-stage, part manufacture and major assembly will be covered in the second stage.

    Based on the engineering understructure of S-92 collaboration program, and combined with the characteristics of engineering and quality management system of S-76C collaboration program, CHANGHE connects to Sikorsky in areas like standard management, configuration management, quality management,etc.

    In 2007, contract for vendor kits, tooling and equipment (10 shipsets) for the 1st stage was signed and the vendor kits, tooling and equipment were distributed.

    From Jan. 22,2008 to Jan. 24,2008, the first program review to S-76 Program was carried out by Sikorsky to CHANGHE. 

    Up to Aug.2011, 8 shipsets of S76C + + were delivered, and research-and-development for S76D was started based on the completion of this 8 shipsets. After the airworthiness certificated is awarded toS76D byFAA, both parties signed S76D Cooperation Agreement for the second stage in TianJin Helicopter Exposition.Based on the first-stage, part manufacture and major assembly work will be covered in the second stage. Up to now,CHANGHE has received order for 5 shipset.


    S-333 Cooperative Program

    On Jan.31, 2008, AVIC CHANGHE signed subcontract agreement for S-333 (1.2 ton class turbo-shaft engine)with SCHWEIZER (subsidiary company of Sikorsky) in Shanghai.

    The cooperation covers: manufacture and assembly of fuselage, assembly of dynamic component,manufacture and modification of parts for dynamic component.    AVIC CHANGHE takes charge of manufacture and assembly of fuselage and a part of dynamic component.  The Cooperation is valid for 20 years.


    S92 Program

    S-92 is a new generation helicopter researched and developed by Sikorsky from 1992, it is a 10 ton class helicopter which aims at high-ranking airliner , it was named as S-92 “Heli-Bus” and represented the world-class advanced level for helicopter manufacture at the time.

    Sept.21,1995, AVIC CHANGHE signed a contract with Sikorsky in Beijing to take part in the development and manufacture of S-92 helicopter for TRP together with China Helicopter Research and Development Institute. S-92 program is a international cooperative research and development program which takes “jointinvestment, cooperativeproduction, risk share,pooling of interest” as principle, the produced S-92 TRPs are delivered to Sikorsky for final assembly and flight test.

    Since 1995 the development of S92 TRP was launched, and the first TRP was delivered in May 1997. Up to December 15, 1998, the delivery for the first five shipsets of S-92 TRPs was completed. The five 5 shipsets TRP met Sikorsky Aircraft’s requirements both in quality and schedule. AVIC CHANGHE was the first partner that finished the delivery of the first five pre-production S-92 prototypes in schedule among six partners, and all tail rotor pylons were successfully joined with tail booms at one time. 

    On sept.8, 1999, batch production plan was announced to formally start. Up to now, 335 shipsets of TRPs have been delivered。

  • AC311A直升机简介
    Presentation of AC311A Helicopter

    AC311A直升机是一款2吨级单发、6座单旋翼、带尾桨式高原轻型直升机,该机采用单/双驾驶配置及高橇式起落架,装有一台强劲的法国透博梅卡公司ARRIEL 2B1A发动机,配置国产高度集成化综合航空电子系统,加装数字化增稳系统及语音告警系统,并预留了多种选装任务设备接口,具备很强的任务拓展能力。同时,整机大量使用复合材料,并提供多种选择的精致内饰和座椅。应用广泛,可满足我国大部分地区的使用要求,尤其是高原区域,作业范围可覆盖85%的国土面积。
    AC311A, a 2-ton-class light civil helicopter with one engine and 6 seats, is of single-main-rotor plus tail rotor, which is especially for high land operation. The helicopter is configured with single/double pilot system and high skid landing gear, a powerful engine ARRIEL 2 B1A from Turbomeca Company, highly Integrated Avionics System (IAS) and digital SAS system and audio warning system. And interfaces for much optional mission equipment are reserved. The helicopter has strong capability of mission extension. At the same time, composite materials are heavily used for the whole aircraft and multiple optional delicate interiors and seats are provided for your option. Its extensive application can meet the operating requirement in the most areas of our country, especially in the high land area. It is applicable to 85% of the territory of China.

    An imported powerful engine is equipped to improve the plateau performance and environment adaptability of the whole aircraft;
    A powerful engine with large power storage is equipped so that the helicopter has excellent high-temperature performance for plateau, good maneuverability and creditable mission efficiency and adaptability to plateau environment.
    Advanced, highly integrated domestic avionics system is adopted to reduce pilots' burden.
    Structure reservation design is adopted so multiple mission equipment such as electric hoist, ICU, loudspeaker, search light, image transmission system, emergency float system, oxygen system, agriculture and forestry sprinkling system etc. can be optionally installed, which makes the aircraft have good mission & function extensibility.     
    The localization degree of parts and components is high, which reduces the dependence on foreign technology and improves the independence and openness of helicopter modification.
    The technology is rather mature, advanced, so the reliability of the aircraft is high and the maintenance is easy and the rate of failures is low.


    Technical features

    ◆ 构型:单旋翼带尾桨式常规布局轻型直升机;

    Configuration: light helicopter with conventional layout of single-main-rotor plus tail rotor;

    ◆ 发动机:一台透博梅卡ARRIEL 2B1A高性能发动机;

    Engine: a Turbomeca engine ARRIEL 2B1A with excellent performance

    1. 发动机采用双通道电调(EECU)加电动应急备份控制系统; The Engine adopts dual channel EEC (EECU) plus electric emergency back-up control system;
    2. 旋翼:3片复合材料主桨叶,长寿命星型柔性桨榖;

    Rotor: three main rotor blades of composite, long-life star-flex rotor hub;

    ◆ 尾桨:2片复合材料尾桨叶,采用跷跷板结构形式;

    Tail rotor: two composite tail rotor blades of see-saw type;

    ◆ 起落架:采用加拿大DART公司带阻尼器的滑橇和板弹簧尾撑型式的高姿起落装置;

    Undercarriage: high landing gear, the skid with damper and spring plate style of tail support, supplied by Canadian DART;

    1. 电气系统:装有1台6kw的起动发电机和1块24V/15Ah的蓄电池应急电源; Electric system: a 6 kw starter generator and one 24 V/15Ah emergency supply for accumulator are additionally installed;
    2. 航电系统: 2台多功能显示控制单元和1台发动机参数显示单元,综合集成显示飞行任务过程中所需的航向、姿态、速度、高度、数字地图、发动机参数等基本飞行信息,并提供通信、导航、告警等各项功能;

    Avionics System: 2 Multifunction Display control units and 1 engine parameter display unit which will integrate and display the basic flight information during the flight mission, such as the flight direction, attitude, speed, altitude, digital map, engine parameter etc. and provide communication, navigation, warning and other functions;

    1. 导航系统采用捷联惯导,可实现在无GPS信号条件下的全自主导航。The navigation system adopts the strapdown inertial navigation, which can realize the totally self-contained navigation without the GPS signal. 
    2. 采用双驾驶操纵系统、双仪表配置;It adopts the dual-pilot control system and the dual instrument arrangement;
    3. 左侧舱门采用滑轨式设计;
    4. Left door adopts sliding rail-type design;

    Basic performance


    Flight performance (ISA, H=0m, maximum take-off weight 2250 KG)


    Maximum cruising speed

    240 Km/h

    Maximum inclined climb rate

    8.3 m/s(状态8.2)

    OGE (out of ground effect) Ceiling

    3200 m(状态3400)

    IGE (in ground effect) Ceiling
    Service Ceiling

    3900 m(状态4200)

    Maximum endurance
    Max Range






    Max Take-off Weight




    1台法国透博梅卡公司ARRIEL 2B1A发动机
    One set of engine ARRIEL 2B1A supplied by French Turbomeca Company


    Max Continuous Power
    Max Take-off Power




    Max Fuel Weight  


    External Dimensions 


    Overall length


    Overall height (to the top of main rotor hub)


    Fuselage width


    Rotor diameter


    Tail rotor diameter


    Product Advantages:


    Basic platform of helicopter is mature, advanced and reliable, which ensures goods availability rate and readiness rate.

    ◆ 任务改装灵活多样,可根据不同需要改装成警用型/通航作业型/教练型/医疗救援型/VIP型及运输型等,并可且于军用,加装多种武器及侦察设备。

    Flexible to modify for different missions. The aircraft can be modified for combat, reconnaissance, transportation etc. and various weapons on cabin door can be optionally installed.

    ◆ 安装一台大功率发动机,功率贮备大,高温高原性能好,机动性能好,具有很好的整机任务效能和高原环境适应性;

     A powerful engine with large power storage is equipped so that the helicopter has excellent high-temperature performance for plateau, good maneuverability and creditable operational efficiency and adaptability to plateau environment.

    ◆ 采用高度集成化的先进综合航电系统,降低飞行负担;

    Advanced, highly integrated avionics system is adopted to reduce pilots' burden.

    ◆ 增加预留接口,可选装或增加多种任务设备,提高不同任务环境适应性;

    Interfaces are additionally reserved, and much mission equipment can be optionally installed to improve its adaptability to environment of different missions.

    ◆ 采用开阔大玻璃设计的机头,视野开阔;

    Nose of large-open-glass design can provide wide vision;

    1. 先进的复合材料机身和全复合材料旋翼系统,重量轻,使用寿命长; Advanced composite fuselage and all-composite rotor system, light in weight and long in service life.
    2. 优秀的飞行性能和飞行品质,优良的可控制性和机动性;

    Excellent helicopter performance, perfect flight quality, good controllability and maneuverability;

    ◆ 具有很高的开放性,可根据用户的要求进行加改装;

     As it has high degree of openness, modification can be done according to customers' requirements.

    ◆ 整体技术成熟、先进,可靠性高,维护和保障简单,故障率低;

    The technology is rather mature, advanced, so the reliability of the aircraft is high and the maintenance is easy and the rate of failures is low.

    ◆ 具有完善的用户管理服务体系,可提供快速响应、飞行和机务培训、工程技术支持等服务,支持快速的维修、备件支援等。

    Indigenous advantage and complete service system for customer management are available. The services such as quick-response, flight and maintenance training as well as engineering and technical support may be provided and quick repair, spare support, general aviation commissioning may also be supported.


  • AC313直升机简介
    Presentation of AC313 Helicopter

    AC313 is a brand new 13-ton class civil helicopter powered by three PT6B-67A engines, which can satisfy the operation requirement for all complicated terrains in hot & high and cold areas. Highly integrated avionics suites are provided. Design criterion for structure reservation and space reservation is used in accordance with airworthiness requirement specified by CCAR-29R1 to develop basic versions of both cargo and passenger transport. Visual flight and instrument flight can be performed to IFR and VFR rules in day and night time over land and under icing free conditions.

    Airworthiness Standards
    Comply with CCAR 29

    Operation type

    Day and Night VFR
    Day and Night IFR


    Basic operation environment
    飞行高度:海平面~6000 m
    Flight altitude: sea level ~ 6000m
    Operation ambient temperature: -40℃~ISA+35℃
    Application fields:
    AC313 helicopter can be widely used in search and rescue, forest firefighting, passenger and cargo transportation, external sling, maritime survey.

    Technical Features
    ◆ 构型:常规单旋翼带尾桨式;

    Configuration: conventional single rotor with tail rotor;

    ◆ 动力装置:3台PT6B-67A发动机,1台辅助动力装置(APU);

    Power Plant: 3 PT6B-67A engines, 1 auxiliary power unit (APU);

    ◆ 旋翼: 6片复合材料桨叶,钛合金球柔性桨毂;

    Rotor: 6 composite blades with titanium alloy spheriflex hub

    ◆ 尾桨:5片复合材料尾桨叶,钛合金球柔性结构型式尾桨榖;

    Tail rotor: five composite tail rotor blades, spheriflex tail rotor hub;

    ◆ 起落架:前三点、双轮、不可收放式起落架,保证起降平稳、安全可靠。

    Landing gear: non-retractable tricycle dual-wheel landing gears to ensure stable, safe and reliable takeoff and landing.

    ◆ 航电系统:应用ARINC429和RS422数据总线为主要数据传输方式,并通过综合显示系统实现综合控制和显示。关键的设备及功能采用余度设计,以提高系统的可靠性。

    Avionics system: ARINC429 and RS422 data buses are used as major data transfer methods and integral control and display are achieved through integral display system. Redundancy design is used for critical equipment and function to improve system reliability.

    ◆ 操纵机构:双套并列式布置,正、副驾驶联动

    Control mechanism: dual parallel layout with the inter-linkage between pilot and copilot controls;

    ◆ 飞行控制系统:采用双余度数字式KJ-15A自动驾驶仪,实现四轴控制

    Flight control system: dual-redundancy digital KJ-15 autopilot is used to realize 4-axis control;

    ◆ 灭火系统:能在同一动力舱内可连续进行两次灭火,也可在两个不同的动力舱内分别进行一次灭火;

    Fire extinguishing system: two fire extinguishments can be consecutively performed in the same power compartment and one fire extinguishment can be separately performed in two different power compartments too.

    ◆ 防护装置:尾梁后下段布置有尾撑,防止在着陆时尾梁和尾桨叶意外撞击地面;

    Protection device: tail support is arranged under the lower aft part of tail boom to prevent tail boom and tail rotor blades striking against the ground during landing.

    ◆ 座舱布局:2名飞行员+18名乘客;

    Cabin layout: 2 pilots + 18 passengers;
    Flight Performance
    最大速度/巡航速度                  244 Km/Hr
    Max Speed/Max Cruise Speed   244 Km/Hr
    最大续航时间                       5.3Hrs
    Max Endurance                       5.3Hrs
    最大飞行高度                      6000m
    Max. Flight Altitude                6000m
    有/无地效悬停升限             2800/100m
    HIGE/HOGE                         2800/100m
    最大航程                             1050Km
    Max. Range                          1050Km
    最大爬升率                          7.6m/s
    Max Rate-of-Climb                7.6m/s

    空重                     7560 Kg
    Empty Weight             7560 Kg
    最大起飞重量             13000 Kg
    Max Take-off Weight        13000 Kg
    有效载重                 4000 Kg
    Max Payload              4000 Kg
    最大吊运重量             5000Kg
    Max. Sling Load           5000Kg

    3 P&WC PT6B-67A engines
    最大地面起动高度  4500m,
    Max. Ground Starting Altitude: 4500m
    最大空中起动高度   6000m,
    Max. Aerial Starting Altitude: 6000m
    起飞功率  1447kw 
    Take-off Power: 1447Kw
    最大连续功率  1249kw
    Max. Continuous Power: 1249Kw

    有效总的燃油量:3800 Kg
    Total Effective Fuel Volume:  3800Kg
    20min可用余油量:390 Kg;
    Useful Reserve for 20min: 390Kg;
    标准油箱容量     4740L
    Standard Tank Volume: 4740L
    External Dimensions
    全长(旋翼旋转)                           23.045 m
    Overall Length (Rotors turning)         23.045 m
    全高(空重,尾桨旋转)                    6.741 m
    Overall Height (empty weight, tail rotor turning)
    6.741 m
    全宽(旋翼转动时)                 18.900 m
    Width (Rotors turning)                 18.900 m
    旋翼直径                           18.900 m
    Rotor Diameter                       18.900 m
    尾桨直径                           4.000 m
    Tail Rotor Diameter                  4.000 m
    Product Advantage:


    Large payload carrying capability as well as strong external sling load capability;

    ◆ 出色的航程和续航能力

    Excellent range and endurance capability;

    ◆ 大量使用复合材料,延长使用寿命

    Composite material is widely used to extend service life cycle

    ◆ 综合显示控制系统为飞行员提供飞行状态信息、导航信息、机电管理系统的备份显示及其它机载信息的综合显示,提高人机工效。

    Integral display and control system provides flight status information, navigation information, standby display of electromechanical management system as well as integral display of other airborne information to the pilots to improve man-machine ergonomics.

    ◆ 正、副驾驶联动,安全可靠

    Inter-linkage between pilot and copilot controls makes it safe and reliable.

    ◆ KJ-15A自动驾驶仪,减轻驾驶负担

    KJ-15 autopilot reduces the workload of the pilot.

    ◆ 抗坠毁座椅、告警系统使直升机更安全、可靠

    Crashworthy seats and warning system make the helicopter safer and more reliable;

    ◆ 机外照明系统提供直升机的航向和方位信息以及防撞告警信号,并在着陆时照亮周围场地,使飞行员能清晰目视直升机着陆时的位置和高度。

    External lighting system provides the heading and position information of the helicopter as well as anti-collision signal and illuminates the surrounding areas during landing to make the pilot be able to legibly visually see the position and altitude during helicopter landing.

    ◆ 机舱容量大,座椅柔软,舒适性好

    Spacious cabin and soft seats with excellent comfort;

    ◆ 使用成本低,便于维护

    Low operation cost and easy of maintenance,

    ◆ 具有本土化优势和完善的用户管理服务体系,可提供快速响应、飞行和机务培训、工程技术支持等服务,支持快速的维修、备件支援、通航托管等。

    Indigenous advantage and complete service system for customer management are available. The services such as quick-response, flight and maintenance training as well as engineering and technical support may be provided and quick repair, spare support, general aviation commissioning may also be supported