Talent Strategy

   Talent Strategy
In the aspect of introducing talents, CHANGHE nidificates for attracting phoenix, and has discerning eyes that can tell greatness from mediocrity.In the aspect of training and using talents, CHANGHE builds a dream to get talents together, and pays more attention to competition than selection of personnels.In the aspect of valuing and encouraging talents, CHANGHE appraises employees with appropriate standard, and selects and promotes capable people.

  Target of Talent Strategy
Near-term target: To deepen the reform of talents incentive mechanism, let employees match work, and make the best possible use of ability, and realize high efficiency of company personnels.Firstly, establishing a framework of HR management with reasonable configuration, clear layer and perfect system that fits the enterprise development.Secondly, exploring the way of setting up the personal KPI evaluation system to stimulate the whole's initiative.Thirdly, further improving the evaluation mechanism based on data with the means of informatization.Fourthly, establishing performance-oriented distribution system to authentically realize the target of distribution according to work and more pay for more work.
Medium-term goal: To perfect the "three mechanism" of talents introduction, training and use, appraisal and encouragement;focus on settling the four conundrums: lacking special talents and high-caliber talents, and promoting the efficiency of talents allocation and use, and training talents and improving quality, and appraising and encouraging talents;try to build up a team of reasonable quantity and structure with talents that have strong sense of management, profession skill, overall situation idea and good professionalism.

Long-term target:To train and build up a team of talents that have comparative advantage in the industry with comprehension quality keeping up with personnels in world advanced aviation enterprises.